Art Exhibit: Points of Contention

April 24 – June 13, 2015

Location: The Jean Deleage Art Gallery at CASA 0101 Theater
Featured Artists: Beatriz Mejia-Krumbein and Jimmy Centeno
Curated by: Jimmy Centeno

Points of Contention: Wrath, Conflict and Resistance

Points of Contention reflect ways of being under domination, conflict and the search to preserve individual and collective human dignity by means of resistance.  It is reflective of a continental experience between North and South or “donde se encuentran los polos” (were the hemispheres meet) between those on this side of the line and those on the other side. The exhibition gathers two artistic languages from figurative expressive works to conceptual assemblages that share common concerns:  alienation, forced migration, violence and sensibility.  It pumps air of fragmented experiences into a local space in search of alternative ways of being in the world.

The exhibition is inspired by Ecuadorian painter Oswaldo Guayasamin’s social protest series, “The Age of Wrath” and the 2010 continental exhibition at Mexico’s Bella Artes National Museum titled, “Conflict and Crisis in Latin America.”

In this exhibition the works of Beatriz Mejia Krumbein echo the countless unheard voices of children, women and men expressed in her painted textile quilts. Her work draws our attention to a visual language of confinement and gender roles in her coil series.  Every stitch and piece of textile sewed together in her artwork is a refusal to accept a logic that sterilizes nearness not as an act of reducing distance but against indifference.  It is her way of saying we are all made “of the same Fabric.”

The assemblages with hanging relics, feathers, keys, and locks are extensions of direct contact with the natural elements and conversations of hope, wishes and struggles experienced by Jimmy Centeno on an everyday bases.  His artwork assembles metaphorical expressions that speak to sensibility and spirituality.  In his call for sensibility deer antlers stand along a Zapatista hand made doll, a red a black book symbolizing the place of all colors, and a broken disobedient lock.  Nails for Centeno are symbolic for wishing out negative actions. Weathered wood boxes, photo-images in tuned with rusted steel are for him a long conversation with history not as something of the past but as a lived experience particularly with those who have resisted colonization.

Points of Contention, draws on a chrome-less age in which society is drained of its fraternal possibilities and where capital globalization has unmasked its lack of kindness to all people of all geographical locations in search of profit at all cost.  The production of helplessness is of no mistake, it is an extension of powerful nations in command to defeat hope in such way that impedes a call for change.  This exhibition is one that exposes the open veins of Eduardo Galeano’s relentless commitment to unbury the dismembering practices of those who practice the will of power over the will of life.