Support Us: Movie Promo

Make a donation and get a movie!  Donate to CASA 0101 Theater and receive a web link to watch these movies by Founding Artistic Director, Josefina Lopez.  Please write the name of the movie link you would like under “Note” on the online donation page.  CLICK HERE to make a donation now.

Fifty One Fifty

$10 Donation | 53 min | 2013.  Speaking only Spanish and out of touch with reality, a deeply disturbed lost woman struggles to stay alive while being forced to spend 72 hours in a mental hospital under observation and treatment.

Detained in the Desert

$20 Donation | 95 min | 2013.  “Detained in the Desertparallels two completely different people: Sandi, a second-generation dark skinned Latina and Lou Becker, an inflammatory talk show radio host, whose lives converge in the desert of Arizona. An Arizona cop racially profiles Sandi, who refuses to show her identification in protest. Accordingly, her act of rebellion sets her on an unexpected course toward immigrant detention. Conversely, three siblings who have just suffered the loss of their brother due to a hate crime influenced by Lou’s racist talk show, kidnap him in hopes of seeking justice. While Sandi is being transferred to another immigrant detention center, her I.C.E. bus crashes in the desert. She escapes only to end up stranded in the desert.  Lou is freed by one of his remorseful kidnappers, or so we think.  Consequently, Sandi and Lou meet in the desert and help each other survive.  Both Sandi and Lou come to understand the severity of the plight of the immigrants through a gruesome discovery.